“Call the Pool Doctor”

150 Indian Creek Road, McEwen TN 37101


How many gallons does our pool hold?  _____________________________________________________

What is the length & width of our pool?  ____________________________________________________

What is the depth of our pool?   _____________shallow end          _____________deep end

What is the shape of your pool?  ___________________________________________________________

What were the readings from my self test?


Chlorine 0-15 ppm range

We can professionally test your water for a more accurate reading in our lab.

Bring us your self test results and a pint of your water with your contact information attached.


What you need to know about your pool and water.

Answer the questions below for your testing information.

Date the water was checked?  ___________________________________________________________


PH 6.0-9.0 range


Calcium 0-2000 ppm range


Bromine 0-30 ppm range


Alkalinity 0-500 ppm range


Acid 0-300 ppm range